Our mission

We focus on utilizing the power of AI technology, to solve real-world problems, helping business in private and public sectors, communities improve the operation efficiency and reduce the cost, making a healthier, safer, secure and eco-friendly place to live and work.

Our vision

We believe the next revolution of industry is led by thecontinuing development of artificial intelligence and IoT.The power to connect to a sensor’s data, understandthe data, especially video content, then fuse theinformation together to gain actionable insight and drivefast response is at the core of this revolution. It willhave strong impact on our daily life and work, shapingour future.We intend to grow our existing partnerships betweenthe academic and private sector’s elite around theworld, contributing to the innovation in AI technologyand ecosystem solutions which will become beneficialin everyone’s daily living and working.

About our team

Since 2016 we have built a team of scientists, engineers anddesigners to develop our artificial intelligence deep learning-based video analytics technologies. We apply thesetechnologies to solve real-world problems for customers fromvarious industries across many countries and regions.

  • 60% Team members hold masters and PHD degrees from renowned universities
  • 30% experienced members within high tech industries
  • 10% associated research and development within universities

Where to find us

Selected Awards

1ST Place
  • Long-term tracking challenge

    Visual Object Tracking (VOT-LT2020), ECCV, 2020

  • Short-term real-time tracking challenge

    Visual Object Tracking (VOT-RT2020), ECCV, 2020

  • Color and depth long-term tracking challenge

    ECCV, 2020

  • Unsupervised Multi-Object Segmentation

    DAVIS Challenge, 2019

  • Long-term tracking challenge

    Visual Object Tracking (VOT), ICCV, 2019

2ND Place
  • Large-scale Video Object Segmentation Challenge

    Video Instance Segmentation, ICCV, 2019