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REMARK AI offers a comprehensive platform
and solutions.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Protective equipment compliance
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • License Plate Recongition
  • Intrusion detection
  • Body temperature checking
  • Unauthorised access alerts
  • Access control

Remark AI assists organizations
in capturing and tracking data in
real time by leveraging their
existing security infrastructure.


Safety Space Platform – AIoT

Safety Space Platform helps businesses in
private or public sectors and communities to
improve the operation efficiency and reduce
the cost, making a healthier, safer, secure and
eco-friendly place to live and work.

Smary Sentry

The smart sentry enables full surveillance analytics to cover
a wider area as an intelligent combination of computer
vision and robotic technology.

Provides a fast and precise face, human body, and various
object recognition and tracking functions, detecting the
different types of objects, inanimate and animate objects,
and differentiating a human versus a non-human intrusion.


Touchless access control and temperature scanning

Provides touchless access control along with scanning
people for high temperatures.

AI Box

Integrating AI functionality for existing cameras and other

By connecting the AI Box to a surveillance camera it
enables object detection, tracking and recognition.

Thermal Kit

Thermal imaging equipment

Identifies people’s temperatures utilising a precise
infrared thermal imaging sensor and artificial
intelligence algorithms

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