rPad - Thermal Kiosk

Provides touchless access control along with scanning
people for high temperatures.

rPad functionality:

  • Body Temperature Measurement
  • Statistical Report
  • Mask Detection
  • Contactless Access
  • Face Recognition
  • Access Control
  • Masked Face Recognition
  • Attendance Management

How it works

  • Identification

    Personel checks-in with Face ID or
    QR code via the rPad.

  • Health Pass

    An individual’s health requirements
    are compiled: body temperature,
    mask detection, vaccination records
    and questionaire

  • Alerts

    Trigger real time alerts to security
    team via SMS, email or voice alarm

Attendance Management

The personnel access pathway can allow
access control for facilities, personnel
management and employee attendance

Leading face recognition

With recognition accuracy higher than 99.7%

Medical-grade technology

An industry leader in thermal imaging technology,
we integrate precise infrared thermal imaging
sensors to provide an accuracy of ± 0.5 ºC.

PPE detection

Using our leading facial recognition algorithm and
anti-spoofing technology, the rPad accurately
recognises face masks.

rPad Specifications

Thermal Camera


2 million pixel, 8-inch standard resolution touch screen

Optical wide dynamic range ≥115dB, suitable for back-lighting scenes, add
light automatically

Supports universal interfaces network, 485, digital signal, Wiegand
protocol, etc. to quickly connect products such as access control and
entrance application

IP54 waterproof and dust-proof


Binocular live detection, high-level and secure anti-attack technology

Integrated precise medical-grade infrared thermal imaging temperature
sensor, temperature display, and high-temperature alarm, and
temperature accuracy of 0.5°C

Independently owned and leading face recognition algorithm with
recognition accuracy higher than 99.7%

Optional second-generation identification and 4G communication can be
integrated with PIR body induction wake-up function, support video voice

rPad features

  • Easy set-up
  • Live detection
  • Quick Connection
  • Great Mobility
  • Contactless Access
  • Fast delpoyment
  • High accuracy
  • rManager System
  • and more...