Smart Sentry

Recognises and tracks object activity with warnings in specified
locations, whilst on regular duty

Intelligent, portable, and quick to deploy.

As an intelligent combination of computer vision and robotic
technology, the smart sentry enables full surveillance analytics
to cover a larger area.

It has a wide range of applications, including outdoor personnel
activity monitoring, perimeter intrusion detection, emergency
events, and so on. It can also be widely used in a variety of
applications such as emergency law enforcement, anti-terrorism,
construction sites, and large-scale site security, among others.


Smart Sentry's speedy responses
make it ideal for conducting in-depth
investigations into unusual events
anywhere, 24/7.

  • Outdoor personnel monitoring

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in
    unmanned situations, monitor in
    real-time and intelligently.

  • Object monitoring

    The smart sentry can identify
    and track objects, e.g. people,
    vehicles or animals

  • Perimeter intrusion detection

    e.g. approaching the perimeter,
    crossing the perimeter, already
    crossed, or loitering behavior

  • Behavior monitoring

    Moritoring the requirement to
    meet the specifications in the
    area, e.g. safety vest/helmets

  • Dangerous area monitoring

    Fast reactions to hazardous
    conditions, e.g. fire/smoke, mine,
    high-temperature workshop

  • Radar based traffic control

    Warning sounds and lights
    detect vehicles and people from
    a distance of up to 100 meters.


Smart Sentry is mobile, allowing it to petrol on-site
and relocate to a new positions

Multispectral pan-tilt cameras

Thermal camera

Visible light camera

Target tracking

Anti-freeze shell; it can work
at extreme low temperatures

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Self-generating electric energy storage mode
for continuous and uninterrupted operation.

Power system


Solar energy generation 160-250W

Wind power 12V/600W

Working hours 24hours

4G & 5G Wireless Transmission

Microwave radar

High-precision measurement and
positioning of distance, azimuth,
frequency and spatial postion.

Alarm Light
Network Sound Column
Processing Unit

AI based algorithms for
smart detections;

Support for live video
broadcasting and intelligent

WIFI/4G/5G network support;

Low power consumption of
less than 30 watts.


  • Rapid Deployment

    Quick deployment in any outdoor
    location without manual installation

  • Low cost

    Low cost to deploy with limited
    infrastructure, e.g. electricity/
    internet wires

  • Patrolling

    Instead of installing several fixed
    cameras, patrol a broad area.

  • Field of view

    Easily adjust the angle or location
    to react to events and eliminate
    the monitoring blind spot.

  • Weather adjusting

    Resiliant to all weathers with
    adaptable multi-spectral cameras

  • Fast Reactions

    Quick reactions to move to an
    accident site and check it in a
    timely manner.

  • Radar Based Traffic Control

    Vehicles and people can be detected
    from up to 100 meters away. Passing
    pedestrians and vehicles will be
    alerted by voice and light reminders.

  • Robust hardware

    Robust in a variety of environments,
    with solid protection and powerful

  • Solar and battery powered

    Self-generating electric energy
    storage mode for continuous and
    uninterrupted operation.

The Smart Sentry is suited for a wide
range of industries

  • Industrial Plant

    Petroleum, electric power,
    water conservancy

  • Law enforcement

    Anti-illegal immigration

  • Transportation

    Track of railway, tunnel of
    subway, motor roads

  • Smart City

    Patrol or check points for
    security, road monitoring

  • Public service

    Such as wetland protection,

  • Working site

    Construction sites, mine

  • Hospitality

    Hotels, ski resorts, sea beach,
    camping site, zoo