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Safety Space Platforms wide range of features make it easier to effectively protect your organisation and employees.

Video Search

Face Attribute Search and Face ID / Similarity Search

Intelligent search based on people's facial features, such as photo, age, and gender.

Pedestrian Attribute Search

Search and track according to different pedestrian characteristics, such as:


Outfit search: Upper / Lower Body Wearing colors.

Long / short hair.

With hat / no hat.

With backpack / no backpack.

Age and gender (e.g. searching missing children)

Vehicle Search

Intelligent search based on vehicle’s features, such as vehicle type, vehicle colors, and license plate number.


Face Recognition

Our system includes an intelligent face recognition feature. Real-time face recognition of personnel enables employee attendance management and the prevention of personnel on the watch-list.

Applications: ticketless event and concert tickets, contactless access control. The features include:

Unauthorized Access

Set access permissions for individuals and generate alerts for those who do not have access permissions.


Face recognition for check-in and identification of visitors via face ID

Watch List / Stranger Alerts

Users can create a watch-list for relevant personnel, and when they are detected by monitoring, an alert is generated.

ID Verification

ID verification is used to control access for guests and visitors. Access control and identification verification options include facial recognition, QR codes, and Bluetooth.

Face Attributes

Face recognition for check-in and identification of visitors via face ID

Mask Wearing

ID verification is used to control access for guests and visitors. Access control and identification verification options include facial recognition, QR codes, and Bluetooth.

Face Temperature

To detect abnormal temperatures, precisely measure the temperature of personnel.

Contactless and hygienic method.

Effortless customer experience


Pedestrian, Vehicle, Animals

Create alerts to keep unwanted people, vehicles, or animals out of sensitive areas. Alerts can be voice alarms, notifications, mobile messages, or email alerts.


The system monitors designated areas in real time. Once someone is found wandering in a forbidden area, the management team is immediately notified in order to eliminate dangers.

Setup loitering alerts in public places to help prevent thefts, crimes, lost items, and terrorism.

Real-time monitoring by intelligent cameras identifies suspicious people wandering around relevant areas.

Occupancy / Flow Counting

Accurately and quickly track the number of people checking in and checking out.

Analyse entry/exit flow and current occupancy level to alert high occupied locations.

Pedestrian attribute

Intelligently identify the attributes of pedestrians, including age, gender, clothing color, whether they have a backpack, etc.

Protective Equipment

Apply various PPE attribute alerts such as face mask, hard hats, or reflective clothing.

Monitor for proper PPE to reduce safety/health risks and liabilities

Abnormality Detection
Falling down detection

3D pose tracking is used on network cameras to detect pedestrian falls

Real-time alerts to staffs on duty to provide immediate on-site assistance if needed

Running detection

Pedestrian detection and tracking integrates seamlessly with network cameras

Real-time alerts to on-duty personnel to prompt immediate action to avoid potential injuries

Fast reaction for on-site help to maintain public safety, reduce medical costs and protect lives


Traffic Flow Counting

Accurately record the number of vehicles and analyze the traffic flow.

Monitor daily for business reports: traffic volumes, speed, congestion and paths

Traffic analytics and predictions for management decisions

Policy guidance to improve traffic flow smoothness and safety such as adjusting the traffic light schedule, path setups, zebra crossing positioning, parking policy, speed limits.

Illegal parking

Our system intelligently detects illegal parking.

Once a vehicle is found illegally parked, the system will record the vehicle information and send an alert.


Our system will monitor all vehicles in the monitoring area. Once a vehicle enters the area, the system will capture the vehicle information and report it to the management team.

Brand, Model and Make

Our system supports identification and monitoring of multiple vehicle brands and models. It can support multiple cameras for vehicle search.

Our system supports tag detection for specific vehicles and can obtain real-time notifications once the vehicle information is captured.

Vehicle detection can be applied to various occasions, such as investigation and forensics, access control, etc.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our system can intelligently analyze license plates and track the locations of the vehicles in real time.

Easy access management, intelligent recognition and recording of license plates, automatic billing, and blacklist vehicle monitoring.


Unattended Objects

Baggage alerts generated when:

A bag is left unattended by its owner

It is stolen by another pedestrian

Objects are removed

Smoke & Fire

Alerts will be triggered if any smoke or fire incidents are detected.

Monitor the concentration of smoke or flames to assist in the prevention of accidents.

Abnormal Sound Detection

Our system detects sounds in real time and reports any that are abnormal.

The system automatically identifies abnormal sounds by violent behaviors, and sends an alert to the management team.

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