Thermal Kit

Identifies people’s temperatures utilising a precise infrared thermal imaging
sensor and artificial intelligence algorithms

Thermal Kit Functionality

Temperature Alerts

The built-in algorithm identifies and monitors
individuals with an above-average temperature and
sends alerts to the central system

Crowd scanning

Bi-spectral thermal camera coupled with intelligent
identification can detect 200 to 300 people per


The Thermal Kit interface can be customized to fit
your requirements. It allows you to change the, view
mode minimise snapshot records, enable sound
alerts, SMS, email notifications and more.


  • Accurate Face Detection

    State-of-the-art facial detection model
    assesses multiple data points on the face
    to provide a highly accurate temperature

  • Mask Detection

    Individuals wearing face masks can have
    their temperatures accurately detected.
    Alerts can also be set when an individual is
    not wearing a mask.

  • People Counting and Social

    The people counting function helps to keep
    track of the number of people in a facility.
    Create social distance rules to protect
    customers and staff.

Thermal Kit Specifications

AI Functions

Face Detection and Temperature Measurement

Face captures with temperature labeled

Face Recognition *Optional

Face Attributes (mask detection) *Optional

People Counting / Social Distancing *Optional


Quickly identify people’s temperature

Accurate measurement of multiple target body temperatures

Detection efficiency is more than ten times that of the manual process

The system automatically records all data and videos *Optional

The Mass Thermal Solution

Thermal Kit Crowd Scanning

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Summary
  • Mask detection
  • Mobility
  • Facial Recognition
  • Easy Set-up
  • Personal Tracking / Counting
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Email / SMS Notifications
  • Complete System
  • Data and History Export