Remark Solutions for


Remark offers easily accessible healthcare management solutions
to help ensure personal safety


People Counting

  • Counting the traffic flow of visitors/patients through the
    entrance/exit points.
  • Realtime monitoring of people occupancy volume within a
  • Trigger alert when exceeding group gathering rules limits.
  • People flow analysis

Social Distance

  • Smooth social distancing enforcement for staff and
    customer experiences
  • Suitable for screening at entrances or in common
    surveillance areas.
  • When any of the social distancing rules are broken, a
    security alert is issued.


  • Temperatures of employees and visitors are taken at
    entrance points to ensure safety.
  • If an abnormal body temperature is detected, an alert will
    be triggered.

Mask Detection

  • In areas where PPE/masks must be worn indoors,
    check people's mask wearing status.
  • People who do not wear masks as required will be
    denied entry and an alert will be sent.
  • Mask-wearing face identification

Remark AI can make
clinics & hospitals safer

Railway Health and Safety

Entry Monitoring & Access Control

  • Fever screening: Before entering the clinic, personnel
    must take their temperature
  • Mask detection: personnel with no masks will be denied
    for entry

Multichannel ID Verification

  • Face recognition, QR codes, and Bluetooth allow staff and patients
    to be verified in a variety of ways.
  • Fast and smooth user journey
  • Alternative anonymous privacy optional

Staff Management

  • Staff health check: temperature measurement and mask detection.
  • PPE monitoring ensures personnel to obey the PPE. requirements
  • Access control: permission to enter authorised areas
  • Attendance management: checkpoints for on-duty personnel to ensure
    staff attendance on time
  • Staggered working and resting slot arrangement. Ensure working groups
    do not contact each other to prevent cross-group transmission

Patient / Visitor Management

  • Patient & visitor health check: temperature measurement and
    mask detection.
  • Smart ID verification is used throughout treatment to ensure the
    correct patient with is associated with the right procedures.
  • Access control: access permission for authorization areas.
  • Prevent unassociated individuals from entering the clinic and
    interfering with clinic operations or patients' rest.

Health Pass

The Remark AI Health Pass is a daily health survey that
assists in the elimination of health hazards. It connects
rPads and people management to help prevent ill people
from entering a workplace.

1. Log in

Staff / Visitors log in their account
on HealthPass App or WAP version.

2. Questionnaire

Before accessing an entry point,
complete the daily health

3. Results


If a green code is generated, they are
allowed to go to the place.


If a red code appears, they are
suggested to be self-isolated at home