Remark Solutions for


Remark offers security management solutions for a variety of entertainment venues.
We monitor crowds and other potential safety hazards to ensure that customers have
a pleasant experience.

Check-in & Ticket

  • rPad access control for authorized customers
  • Eventer venues by scanning your face ID or QR code
  • rPad can limit the total number of people through
    when customers check in and out of areas
  • Face recognition allows for paperless access to venues

Locker via Face & App

  • Hotel customers can book a private facility for themselves
    and their authorised guests
  • Customers can access lockers via face recognition
  • People counting and adherence to people limit rules are
    made possible by access control.

Equipment Booking via Face & App

  • Booking + Access Control in VIP areas
  • Customers can book classes such as gym training, yoga and dancing
  • Access Control enables only pre-booked class members to join

Self-service Machine

  • Face Recognition for facilities, e.g. vending machines
  • Auto-billing to customers’ hotel account with face

People Counting & Temperature

  • Customers and invited guests need to scan their face
    to check in and out the venue.
  • rPad offers people counting function to help manage
    the maximum capacity of people in venues
  • Remark AI provides rPads to measure temperatures
    before entering venues
  • rPads manage the check-in and check-out process of
    guests for events