Remark Solutions for

Public Security

Remark provides advanced cameras and artificial intelligence technologies to
assure public safety in real-time.

Remark Public Security Solution Features

Face ID

High Accuracy

  • High detection accuracy against a variety of scales, poses, occlusions and illuminations
  • Our optimisation methodologies reduce the model size to improve the speed and hardware requirement.
  • Model can be deployed on various hardware platforms: GPU/CPU, cloud/edge.
  • Minimises the need for large amounts of data collection and annotation by using game engine/3D rendering tools to generate synthetic face masks
Effective Cost
  • Our training and annotation platform can assist in the development of tailored models to increase performance in complex environments

People Appearance Search

  • Various pedestrian tracking and inference.
  • Gender search: Male / Female
  • Age search: Young / Middle-Age / Senior
  • Outfit search: Upper / Lower Body Wearing: White / Black / Red / Others

Violence & Running Detection

  • Pedestrian detection and tracking integrates seamlessly with network cameras
  • Real-time alerts to on-duty personnel to prompt immediate action to avoid potential injuries
  • Fast reaction for on-site help to maintain public safety, reduce medical costs and protect lives

Unattended & Dropped Baggage Monitoring

  • Baggage alerts generated when:
    • - A bag is left unattended by its owner,
    • - It is stolen by another pedestrian
    • - Objects are removed.

Fall Down Detection

  • 3D pose tracking is used on network cameras to detect pedestrian falls
  • Real-time alerts to staffs on duty to provide immediate on-site assistance if needed

Remark AI will help create a more secure
public environment for you.

Monitor objects and people

Human/Object detection, Virtual Fence, Events Detection

People Counting

  • Counting traffic flow of people through entrance/exit points
  • Realtime monitoring of people volume within a room/building
  • If group gathering rules are broken, alerts are triggered
  • People flow analysis.

Virtual Fence

  • Monitors restricted areas by using a Virtual Fence
  • Animals, intruders or vehicles can trigger alerts
  • AI sensors are used for intelligent judgment to identify suspicious behaviors, i.e, climbing and destroying the fence
  • Deep learning identifies a suspicious intruder's behaviour, attitude, and posture to determine whether a serious intrusion attempt has occurred


  • Setup loitering alerts in public places to help prevent thefts, crimes, lost items, and terrorism
  • Intelligent cameras monitor areas in real time, identifying suspicious people wandering around relevant areas

Face + Pedestrian Appearance Tracking and Recognition


  • Face Recognition
  • Pedestrian Recognition
  • Track with a range of cameras with different angles and locations
  • Tracking even when the face is not visible