Remark Solutions for


Remark offers smart solutions for retail stores, such as surveillance, support
in analysing customer data and increasing profitability.

Safety Surveillance

Remark Retail Solution Features

Access Control and Intrusion

  • Access control for staff
  • Monitor temperatures, face-mask wearing and occupancy
  • Monitor sensitive areas for intrusions
  • Staff personnel management
  • Staggered work schedules connected to customer data

Abnormal Behaviour Monitoring

  • Monitor long queues, customer flows and crowd forecasts. Create
    more accessible customer journeys ahead of time
  • Staff on duty absence from position alerts
  • Running and falling down alerts
  • Violence alert
  • Unattended bags and shopping cart detection to prevent lost baggage or
  • Loitering alerts to prevent crimes

Video Search & Investigation

  • Filter surveillance records using pedestrian attributes,
    e.g. clothes, age, gender.
  • Search pedestrian surveillance records across multiple
    cameras and areas

Smart Inventory Monitoring

Monitor items and receive real-time alertswhen stock is low.

On-site Shopping Application

Multichannel Smart ID

  • Provide various accessibility options for optimised user
    journeys, e.g face recognition, QR code, Bluetooth, NFC card
  • ID verification
  • Record a restricted item log with personel, e.g. knives,
  • Optimise marketing data by utilising membership accounts
    and purchase records
  • In a specific location, launch a customised voucher or mobile
    app push notification

Customer Flow Analytics and Statistics

  • See analytics of customer attributes, such as age, gender,
    dressing style, for precision marketing.

Customer Traffic Attraction and Redirection

  • Utilize methods to increase customer traffic such as vouchers,
    kiosk advertising, and lucky draws.
  • Encourage customer to explore low-traffic areas through
    marketing games

Customer Traffic Analytics

  • Tracking using multiple cameras, Bluetooth and UWB positioning,
    shelves with bluetooth connectivity to track the inventory
  • Heatmap of customer flow to aid in layout optimization

Inventory Monitoring

  • Real time low stock alerts
  • Monitor items misplaced on shelves

Real-time shelf

Object Misplacement Detection

Precision Marketing Platform

Unify Customer Online Activity
and Offline Sales Data

  • Consolidate multiple customer data points, such as
    demographic information and device style
  • Tracking audience activity such as browsing history and
    purchasing records
  • Recommendations and referrals from social network
  • Preccise push notifications via apps

Machine Learning Marketing Offer Optimisation

  • Personalised offers tailored to each customer's preferences
  • Customers can receive personalised push notifications
    via apps or emails.
  • Optimised product combinations offers.
  • A/B testing is used to plan product layouts based on
    purchasing data.