Remark Solutions for


Remark provides real-time safety monitoring systems for urban
roads and stations, enabling early detection of possible risks and
improved road safety and management.


Smart ID and Booking

Multichannel ID Verification

  • Variety of verification options are available for a quick and
    smooth user journey including face recognition and QR code
    health verification.
  • Staff, drivers, and passengers all have different access
  • Assign the watchlist tag to create alerts or reject
    questionable entries the next time they appear

Smart ID Ticket System with Personal
Access Control

  • Book tickets via app and use Smart ID forfast and smooth
  • Access control for priority access areas such as first-class
    and VIP lounge
  • To combat fraud, a smart billing system is used at check-in
    and check-out

On-site Additional Service with Smart ID

  • Ticket and service booking management, such as upgrading
    to a higher class carriage, switching seats to a quiet
    carriage, or upgrading to the VIP lounge.
  • Dinner carriage booking or food ordering using an app and

Let Remark AI create
smarter transportation for you

Monitor objects and people

Human/Object detection, Virtual Fence, Events Detection

Railway Health and Safety

Measure People’s Temperature

  • To detect abnormal temperatures, precisely measure the
    temperature on the forehead
  • Contactless and hygienic method
  • Effortless customer experience

Face Mask Wearing & Social Distancing

  • Detect and enforce face mask wearing
  • Reduce health risks by enforcing the use of face masks
  • Implement social distancing and control the occupancy
  • Measure the distance between people to detect
    noncompliance with social distancing mandates.
  • Analyse entry/exit flow and current occupancy density to
    identify high-occupancy areas.

Personal Health Profile and Tracing

  • Use mobile app to track a passangers declared health
    conditions before a trip
  • Location access control using users' health conditions and
    Smart ID
  • Epidemiology tracing data based on mobile location and

Operation Security Event Alert

  • Virtual fence on platform to alert animals, intruders or
    vehicles that are too close to the tracks.
  • Multi-sensors on physical fences to prevent intruders from
    climbing over or destroying it.
  • To deter intruders, safety measures such as a high-decibel
    voice warning speaker, a pulse of high-voltage electricity,
    dazzling strobe lights, and capsaicin spray can be deployed
  • Tracks are monitored to detect unknown abnormal objects,
    such as large stones, balls, toys, etc.
  • Self-alarms for operational status via multi-sensor cross-

Public Security for Passengers

  • Loitering alerts monitor the passenger area to prevent
    thefts, crimes, getting lost, and terrorism.
  • Detection of unattended bags to prevent lost luggage or
  • Violence alerts are issued for the protection of passengers
    and station facilities
  • Running and falling down alerts to take quick action for
    romping or accidents.
  • Monitor the number of people in areas to predict crowds or
    long lines

Video Search & Investigation Across
Stations / Routes

  • Filter records based on pedestrian attributes such as
    clothing, age, and gender.
  • Pedestrian similarities recognised across numerous cameras
    and areas
  • Trace files to identify criminal partners
City Transportation

Smart City Transportation Solution Features

Real-Time Road Monitoring

  • Monitor traffic status
  • Check vehicles for alerts, current status and record history.
  • Road maintenance monitoring
  • Monitor any abnormalities to the system automatically.

Road Event Detection and Alert

  • Detects abnormal road events, e.g. vehicle breaking down.
  • Abnormal obejct detection on the road, such as unattened
  • Road event alerts, e.g congestion, fire, accidents and natural
  • Recieve alerts from traffic violations, e.g. illegal parking,
    speeding, lane change violation, violation of direction or
    turning, etc.
  • Special vehicle alert and tracking, e.g. platform lorry.

Intelligent Command System

  • Determines the fastest route for rescue teams to take to
    accident sites
  • Rearranging traffic flows in the event of an accident or a
    traffic jam
  • Fast reaction time when presented with new situations
  • Display up-to-date traffic conditions via information boards
    or SMS
  • Remote control for the tunnel, lighting, redirecting gate etc.

Operation Analytics

  • Daily monitoring of traffic volume, speed, congestion, paths,
    for business report.
  • Traffic analytics and predictions for management
  • Policy guidance to improve traffic flow smoothness and
    safety such as adjusting the traffic light schedule, path
    setups, zebra crossing positioning, parking policy, speed
  • Traffic tolls budgeting, and maintenance cost.

Video Search & Investigation across Roads

  • Filter history records by vehicle attributes, e.g. model,
    color, plate number.
  • Examine prior vehicle captures from various cameras and
  • Vehicle path tracking and analytics
  • Detect toll evasion behaviors, and collect effective
    evidence chains

Car Park Vehicle Management

  • Monitor parking spots and loitering via vehicle
  • Combine vehicle plate recognition with parking space
    access control and auto billing